Why Happymondays?

We are two ordinary guys who are trying to make the world a better place. In our search to leave a positive footprint on this planet, we decided not to wait any longer and start giving our contribution as soon and as best as we can. So we started with HappyMondays. HappyMondays is a start-up founded to realize our dreams and to deliver a positive contribution to the society. A big part of our ambition is encrypted in the name of our start-up company. When it concerns work, our ambition is to make working pleasurable so that employees will experience Mondays as the best days of the week. The roots of our ambition hide as well behind our will and passion to challenge the establishment. We want to disrupt the traditional and ineffective way of working and thinking and replace it with a modern, efficient and fun version.
Sometimes we might be a bit stubborn. But our intentions are always positive. In a way we are the friendly disruptors. We are the HappyMondays.


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Joint Challenges

HappyMondays is an innovative lab where new ideas come to life. Creating new ideas and delivering ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions is our core business. But, we don’t just do this for ourselves. We would love to work together with our partners, corporate company’s and other startups towards finding solutions for different challenges that we are facing.


The fuel behind our creativity is our need to innovate. We are on a continuous trip of innovation.


We like to listen to our corporate customers, clients and partners in order to continuously improve.


Our innovations are often related to systems and ICT. But we are not an ICT company. We have the creative power to redesign and rethink products and systems for more effective results.


Whatever we do and create, we believe it should be of a service to humanity. Prosperity hides behind the balance between the 3 P’s: people, planet and profit.

Contact Us

Happymondays, Velserstraat 37, 2023 EA Haarlem, Netherlands
+31 642051078